The 26-year-old driver rented a yellow Dh1.3-million Lamborghini Huracan from the car rental shop and then drove on Shaikh Zayed Road at speeds as high as 231km/h, racking up Dh170,000 (about $46,000, or £35,553) in speeding fines in a span of just under four hours. Between 2.31am and 6.26am on July 31, the tourist tripped 33 speed radars on the road, incurring 33 fines as a result.

The owners of a Dubai supercar rental business are still waiting for a British tourist, who racked up Dh170,000 in traffic fines while driving a rented Lamborghini, to pay the fines. The tourist, who gave his address as the Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel and Resort, still has the car.

The owners of the car rental tried to contact him but he hasn’t answered yet. They even informed the British Embassy about the incident and are afraid that the tourist will leave the country and leave him in the lurch. Dubai Police said that radars capture the licence plate numbers of speeding vehicles, not the people driving them.