Lamborghini has launched the Asia Pacific premiere of its first V12 HPEV hybrid super sports car, the Revuelto, at Auto Shanghai 2023. The car features a new naturally-aspirated V12 engine supplemented by three electric motors, producing a combined 1015 CV total, and a double-clutch gearbox that makes its debut on a 12-cylinder Lamborghini. The Revuelto boasts a cutting-edge approach to the chassis and aerodynamic design, with a fully carbon-fiber front structure, and offers an electric mode among its thirteen different driving modes.

Its design language blends aerospace elements into the new model, with a recurring Y-theme in its headlights and taillights, large side air intakes, and a carbon fiber monocoque that extends all the way to the front end, creating a monofuselage that draws inspiration from aeronautics. The revolutionary chassis uses a central monocoque in Forged Composites, a far more sustainable technology than traditional manufacturing processes, taking the brand forward on its path towards environmental sustainability, while maintaining its top performance figures and its “bull” genes.