The lights of Luci d’Artista, the open-air contemporary art exhibition that every year, from October to January, illuminates the squares and streets of Turin, creating a typically Christmas atmosphere.
The Fiat models of the range had their pictures taken with the spectacular backdrop of the lights created by contemporary artists from all over the world.

The 500 Collezione was cleverly placed under the expanse of steel cables and red, white and blue cubes which look like a flying carpet suspended in mid-air. Appreciable at any time of day, it is an example of how art can turn into a striking element of urban furnishing and the how the iconic Fiat can become a work of art in itself. The Fiat 500 was joined under the same installation by the new 500X, the new 500L and the 124 Spider in a maze of colours and angles to add a special holiday touch to the ancient square.

.Messages of peace for the many people that share this multicultural space in a multitude of colours. Unsurprisingly, the colourful cars of the Fiat range, sold in many countries around the world and appalling to a wide array of diverse customers, were perfectly at home here.