Few days ago, at La Bullona in Milan, the artwork known as “Minotauro” (Minotaur) was unveiled: myth, body of a man and bull, expressed in painting on the bodywork of a Huracán EVO1.

The work is an expression of the dynamism, power, and innermost emotions that the artist experienced while driving the Huracán EVO, portrayed through the powerful features of a man’s body created by Paolo Troilo’s fingertips.

Paolo Troilo’s constantly-evolving painting uses the representation of the male body as its defining element and a means of communication. The work, entitled “Minotauro”, owes its name

The artist pays homage to the Huracán EVO by depicting a fusion between man, the bull symbol of Automobili Lamborghini, and the concept of myth expressed in the indomitable – supernatural and almost animalistic – force exuded by the man’s figure painted on the sides of the car. The strength communicated by the forearms and the clenched fists on the front hood are reminiscent of a bull’s horns.

Source: Lamborghini