The new Audi A8 wants to set standards in the automotive upper class once again. One key feature in this is its 48-volt electric system which allows many clever features. The motors are also electrifying. Even the basic engine is certainly not slow on the uptake: after all, the 3.0 TDI in the A8 50 already has 286 HP (210 kW) and 600 Nm. To turn the Audi into the definitive “king of the autobahn”, ABT Sportsline supplies the final piece of the puzzle: Thanks to the ABT Engine Control (AEC) module, the performance grows to 330 HP (243 kW) and 650 Nm.

Extensive safety measures from ABT ensure that the engine always runs smoothly, ensuring that all factory safety functions are retained. In addition, the AEC permanently communicates with the original engine control module, adjusting 25 parameters. Another difference to many competitors is the real-time sensor management and a 3D mapping which is much more precise than a two-dimensional characteristic curve.

The ABT SPORT GR 22 inch alloy wheels visually underline the newly acquired performance of the Audi A8. It adds great visual depth with matt black paint and a diamond-machined surface. The ten bisecting spokes, the recessed hub area and the concave rim base are the key design features. In addition to this, the ABT SPORT GR has convincing true-running properties.

Source: ABT Sportsline