1.Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion research car and its immersive user experience is an innovative perspective into the future of mobility.

2.BMW GINA Light Visionary Model is a fabric-skinned shape-shifting sports car concept. The body changes its shape according to exterior conditions and speeds, and it also allows the driver to change its shape at will.

3.Toyota Concept-i. Designed from the inside out, Toyota Concept-i is an exciting glimpse into a future mobility that is warm, friendly and revolves around you

4.Audi Aicon is a design study, the four-door 2+2 boldly leaps ahead to show the exterior and interior design of the next decades. The technology demonstrator combines innovations relating to the drivetrain, suspension, digitalization and sustainability in a visionary manner. And as a mobility concept, the Audi Aicon shows the world of tomorrow, in which the advantages of door-to-door individual transportation are combined with the luxurious ambiance of a first-class airline cabin.

5.Volkswagen I.D is a highly automated electric car that will cover a distance of 400 to 600 kilometres on a single battery charge. The production version of the I.D. is due to be launched in 2020 at a price on a par with comparably powerful and well-equipped Golf.

6.Opel GT Concept Opel is a “direct descendant” of the Opel GT and the Monza Concept, shown a 2016 Geneva Motor Show. For Opel this concept represent ‘a real sports car’ of the future. The lack of door handles and side view mirrors are becoming common on new cars, but the overall styling of this concept is arguably far ahead of its time.

7.MINI Vision Next 100 pays homage to MINI’s iconic design by positioning the wheels in the far corners of the vision car, maximising handling and feel. The Cooperiser will also offer the option of experiencing someone else’s personal driving mode, from friends, family, celebrities and even creative visionaries. Between journeys, the vision car will drive autonomously to a service hub, where it’s cleaned and recharged, before zipping off to meet another driver.

Source: TechZone(you tube)